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Asia Press is an Science, Technology and Medicine publisher.

We are rapid publication Peer-Reviewed, Open Access Journals.

Knowledge is the mutual wealth of “all” mankind, and “knowledge sharing” has become an important concept for knowledge transfer. One of the main barriers for free “knowledge sharing” is the cost of publishing and transfer. Whatever open access or traditional publication way, author, reader or both have to undertake the cost, which may discourage authors from publishing their outcomes of scientific researches or limit the coverage of readers.

Asia Press is a professional publishing group of scientific journals and aims to promote “knowledge sharing”. In order to encourage scholars and scientists to the max, and devote whole power of the publisher to realize the aim of “knowledge sharing” and the benefit of “all” mankind, Asia Press performs a permanent policy of no charge for publication and access, and always open its door for authors worldwide.

All original research articles published by Asia Press are made freely and permanently accessible online immediately upon publication.